Organising and Operating a US Charity - A Guide to US 501(c)(3) Organisations by Kristin Konschnik and Jaime McLemore

February 2014

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ISBN: 9781908595317

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The United States consistently ranks as one of the more generous countries in the world and its large, diverse and wealthy donor base makes it an important target market for fundraisers. Non-US organisations that are considering accessing the US market may be aware that US charities are formed as 'Section 501(c)(3)' organisations, but may not know much about the complex sets of rules that govern US charitable organisations at both the US federal and state level.

Organising and Operating a US Charity - A Guide to US 501(c)(3) Organisations provides the reader with a quick reference guide to the issues that face Section 501(c)(3) organisations, both from a practical and a technical perspective. The guide gives a broad overview of the US federal tax system that applies to charitable organisations, highlighting the most important considerations.

This guide will be of use alike to existing 501(c)(3) organisations, to bodies in the US and in other territories that are contemplating 501(c)(3) status, and to individuals considering their charitable giving options.


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"An excellent guide. It is clear and well written."

Ceris Gardner, Maurice Turnor Gardner LLP

About the authors

Kristin Konschnik


Kristin is a US tax lawyer based in Withers LLP's London office. She practices in the US tax exempt organisation area with a particular focus on cross-border charitable giving, including the establishment of US 'friends of' organisations and 'dual qualified' charity structures to enable tax-efficient giving in multiple jurisdictions. Kristin advises on a range of US charitable matters, including initial qualification as a Section 501(c)(3) US tax-exempt organisation and ongoing compliance requirements and charitable operations and advises individual clients on the formation and operation of philanthropic vehicles.

In addition to her work with charitable organisations, Kristin advises companies and individuals on US and international transactional tax matters, including cross-border sales and acquisitions, hedge and private equity fund structures and tax-efficient US inbound and outbound business and investment structures. She represents clients before the US Internal Revenue Service in a variety of matters, manages Withers' voluntary disclosure practice in London and advises clients on the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. She also speaks and writes regularly on a variety of US tax topics, including taxation of US charitable organisations. 

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Jaime McLemore


Jaime McLemore is a US qualified Associate at Withers LLP on the US Wealth Planning team in London and advises on a wide range of US tax issues, including charitable giving and structuring. Jaime specialises in advising individuals with regard to both lifetime and legacy charitable gifts as well as advising US and non-US non-profit organisations with regard to US tax and compliance matters. Jaime also advises more generally on US estate planning and trust structuring for private clients. Jaime recently co-authored an article about the impact of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act on non-US charities.

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