Fundraising for Small Charities by James K Myers

October 2011

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ISBN: 9781908595010

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How do you begin fundraising? This practical guide in the Charity First series prepares you for the initial challenges of devising and implementing a successful fundraising strategy in a small or newly formed charity.

Its aim is to take the reader through the basic elements, starting with the need for board governance, good management and staff support, and then fundraising avenues. These include local community sources, gifts from individuals, digital fundraising, corporate donors and sponsors, funding from grantmaking trusts and foundations , events and projects and telemarketing. It also stresses the importance of keeping in touch with your donor and the role of patrons, trustees and volunteers. An appendix, primarily for the UK and Ireland, lists websites with text links that provide more detailed information on subjects beyond the scope of this work.

The path to successful fundraising has always been a challenging journey and in todays economic climate this is even more the case. This guide signposts the way to journeys end and your charitys success.

About the author


James Myers is the founder of the European Association for Philanthropy and Giving (EAPG), a not-for-profit membership body that brings charities, legal advisers and financial intermediaries together for more effective and efficient philanthropy. He is also a partner of Social Partnership Marketing LLP. Jim is American by birth but has spent virtually all his adult life in Europe, mainly France and now the UK. Earlier in his career he co-founded the European-American Tax Institute in Paris.