The Gift Aid Guide
Graham Elliott, 2013

  • PDF ISBN: 9781908595300
  • Pages: 50

During 2012 2013, UK charities were repaid over £1 billion from HMRC through the Gift Aid scheme, a sum equivalent to an extra £16 donation to charity from every man, woman and child in the UK. With such a valuable benefit available, every charity that receives donations from individuals in whatever context and at whatever level will want to ensure that they take full advantage of Gift Aid provisions in order to maximise their income.

The Gift Aid Guide - Rules Relating to Charity Donations by Individuals provides an overview of Gift Aid legislation, together with practical guidance for charities submitting claims to HMRC. The guide covers basic Gift Aid requirements, donor benefit limits, split payment arrangements, membership subscriptions and the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS), as well as describing the particular provisions relating to fundraising events, venture fundraising, retail Gift Aid and admission to view charity property.The Gift Aid Guide will be of particular use to those including heads of charity Gift Aid Departments who already have a basic understanding of Gift Aid but wish to improve their knowledge of the finer statutory detail.



“Congratulations on a helpful little guide which, as the concluding comments remark, is not a simple replication of other material but a useful analysis of some of the thornier Gift Aid practical points.” Kevin Russell, Technical Director, Stewardship

Seriously recommended

“An informative and cohesive booklet, that will  be useful to refer to when I need easily accessible guidance on the Gift Aid process. Seriously recommended for any charity as an on hand booklet.” Claire Webb, Founder, Emilia's Little Heart Foundation 

Useful Tool

"A useful tool for both fundraising and finance departments” Jenny Watkins-Pitchford, Individual Donor Officer, The Heart of Kent Hospice

About the author

Graham Elliott

Graham Elliott is a Transaction Tax Consultant at Withers LLP. Graham mainly advises clients on VAT (Value Added Tax). He also advises on Gift Aid for charities, general charity transactions, and SDLT (Stamp Duty Land Tax). Regarding VAT, his main areas of focus are: real estate, charities and international services.  Most of Graham’s practice involves advising clients on what the tax law legitimately allows so that they do not pay more tax than they ought or is fair. This occasionally involves recouping (potentially substantial sums of) overpaid tax. It can also involve defending a client’s existing position, or negotiating the fairest settlement where tax is due.

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