Successful Charity Fundraising
Peter Maple, James K Myers, 2022

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  • Print ISBN: 978-1-908595-41
  • PDF ISBN: 978-1-908595-39
  • Pages: 56

Fundraising has never been easy, and the unprecedented times in which we live pose even greater challenges than usual for fundraising charities, placing extra emphasis on the need to plan and develop activities strategically. Successful Charity Fundraising: the Basics for Smaller Charities is a short, concise and practical guide which takes the reader through all of the steps required to devise and implement an effective charity fundraising strategy. Starting with the need for board governance, good management and staff support, the book discusses a range of fundraising avenues, including individual donors, digital fundraising, corporate donors and sponsors and funding from grantmaking trusts and foundations, as well as other types of fundraising, including event organising and crowdfunding. With contributions from a range of expert practitioners, together with signposts to additional sources of information, the guide is recommended reading for staff and trustees of any smaller charity.   

Successful Charity Fundraising is a fully revised edition of Fundraising for Small Charities, first published by the Charity First Series in 2011.

The Charity First Series acknowledges with gratitude the contribution of Almond Tree Strategic Consulting Limited and Clarion Futures towards the production costs of Successful Charity Fundraising.







'Written by two of the most experienced fundraisers in the sector, and with critical articles from other brilliant contributors, this book is an opportune delight as we enter the brave new world of post-lockdown fundraising. I read it to review it and I’ll read it again! Rarely do we see so much territory covered with such insight so succinctly.'

John Baguley MBA PhD FCIOF, Executive Chair, International Fundraising Consultancy

'This is a concise but comprehensive guide to fundraising for any charity starting out or wanting to improve their fundraising strategy. Enjoyable to read and full of useful links, guidance and insights from experts in the field of fundraising. For us, it has turned an intimidating and daunting task into something that feels achievable!' 

Dr Alice Mills & Dr Natalie Whitehead, Exeter Science Centre 

'This is a good general handbook of fundraising methods, how-tos, and must-dos, for the smaller organisation seeking to kick off or organise its fundraising effort, and is recommended.  It also is a good introduction to the Charity First series, which contains titles that expand further on some of the topics in this introductory book.' 

C Tom Davis, Former Teaching Fellow, Department of Marketing, Events and Tourism, University of Greenwich

'Clear, practical and easy to digest, this ‘how to’ guide is a highly recommended read to support effective fundraising strategy and implementation. In the current climate, raising money is harder than ever, but Successful Charity Fundraising – The Basics for Smaller Charities reminds me of the fundamental principles of good practice needed to enable charitable organisations to become financially sustainable. Whether a new or established fundraiser, this is an important read!' 

Sarah Gardner, Chief Executive, ATE Ghana




About the author

Peter Maple

Peter Maple is senior philanthropy academic fellow and researcher at St Mary’s and London South Bank Universities and was previously on the editorial board of the leading journal Voluntary Sector Review. Peter is a fundraising trustee at ATEGhana and formerly the director of fundraising & communications at leading charities, including Leonard Cheshire Disability, Crisis and Arthritis Care.

James K Myers

James Myers is the founder of the European Association for Philanthropy and Giving (EAPG, now Philanthropy Impact), a not-for-profit membership body that brings charities, legal advisers and financial intermediaries together for more effective and efficient philanthropy. He is also a partner of Social Partnership Marketing LLP. Jim is American by birth but has spent virtually all his adult life in Europe, mainly France and now the UK. Earlier in his career he co-founded the European-American Tax Institute in Paris.

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