Raising Funds from Grant Makers
Simon George, 2012

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Many voluntary organisations depend for their very survival on receiving grants from a variety of sources. Whether applying to statutory bodies or charitable trusts and foundations, to companies or the National Lottery, it is thus of paramount importance that applicants understand the key elements required in making a succesful bid. Simon George's straightforward and practical guide, based on his broad experience of helping a wide range of not-for-profit organisations to achieve their fundraising goals, offers grant seekers a comprehensive overview of the skills and knowledge they need to bring to the task. Raising Funds from Grant Makers covers the essential preparatory work that the fundraiser needs to undertake, how to identify appropriate funders, and how to build a compelling and watertight case for support. Grant seekers are urged to understand what funders require of them and to realise the importance of building long-term relationships; they are also warned of pitfalls that must be avoided. At a time of economic stringency, and with ever more organisations pursuing the limited funds available, this guide could make all the difference to the grant seeker's chances of success.



A great asset

Fundraising for grants may not be rocket science but it is nonetheless a pursuit in which many elementary mistakes are regularly made, often with very expensive consequences for the applicant.

This book sets out to explain in simple terms exactly how to go about obtaining grants, even in this currently difficult recessionary time. It will show you what research is necessary before making your application, and how to gather together, assemble and present that information in a sensible and persuasive format. This should enable any organisation to convince funders that their work is worthy of financial support. Importantly, the book stresses the need for any application to be based on a clear and thorough understanding of each grant makers objectives and criteria.

The book should prove to be a great asset not only to those charities who have previously had difficulty in attracting funding from grant makers, but also to the grant makers themselves who traditionally suffer from receiving far too many inappropriate applications. Bill Giles FinstF(Cert), Lecturer in Fundraising Practice at LSBU

About the author

Simon George

Simon George is a Fellow of the Institute of Fundraising and Director of Wootton George Consulting. He has been fundraising since 1987 and has achieved the Certificate in Fundraising Management. In 1999 he founded the Institute’s Trusts and Statutory Special Interest Group, where he helped draft the Code of Practice on trust fundraising. He was also the first Chair of the Institute’s West Midlands region.

He has worked as a consultant since 1996, focusing on fundraising strategy, charitable trusts and legacies, with a particular interest in small and medium sized charities. Today, he leads a team of consultants providing a wide range of fundraising advice and interim support to UK charities, schools, hospitals and universities.

Simon has extensive experience of helping small and medium sized organisations to begin legacy fundraising and to review existing campaigns. 

His blog about legacy fundraising can be followed here:

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Tel 01785 663600

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