Major Gift Fundraising
Peter Maple, James K Myers, 2020

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  • PDF ISBN: 9781908595386
  • Pages: 46

If you ask for money too soon you’ll get advice. If you ask for advice and listen to it and respond appropriately, in the fullness of time you’ll probably get money.’

With such practical and insightful advice, Major Gift Fundraising guides the reader through the essential elements – and potential pitfalls – of soliciting large gifts for charitable causes.

Major donors – whether individuals, trusts and foundations or companies – are a key strategic resource for any fundraising charity. This book describes how to research, identify, recruit and get to know these key supporters, and how to nurture and sustain their long-term interest and involvement in your work.

Topics covered include:

  • Researching potential major donors
  • Practicalities of making the ask
  • Gift acceptance policies
  • Tax efficient giving
  • Legacies
  • Cross-border donors
  • Types of grantmaker
  • The Code of Fundraising Practice

Who should read this book?

This practical and concise guide is a must-have for any fundraiser preparing to ‘take the plunge’ into major gift solicitation, but any charity executive or trustee will also benefit from understanding the essential dynamics of major gift fundraising: fruitful long-term relationships with major donors require real commitment from the charity as a whole.



'In this ever changing world, Major Gift Fundraising highlights opportunities and gives vital tips to enable fundraisers to improve our work with confidence. The practical advice offered in this easy to digest handbook is a fantastic support. I am excited to use the knowledge I’ve gained to build stronger relationships with potential donors, and ultimately raise more money for my charity.' 

Sarah Gardner Chief Executive, ATE Ghana

'What a pleasure it was to read this publication.  It covers the waterfront of major gift giving in clear, simple, and actionable language that will certainly help both old hands and those new to the profession. Every fundraiser should have this handy to encourage themselves and their prospects to make personally significant gifts, no matter the size.' 

Margaret M. Holman, President, Holman Consulting, New York

'The continued trends toward professionalisation of wealth management and especially philanthropic giving demand a more professional approach by charities and others who seek to unlock this wealth for good causes. It is this constantly changing world that Major Gift Fundraising seeks to navigate, and it does so very well, by providing just enough to understand the dimensions of each topic, but not too much to throw out what is a good balance of advice and information. In sum, a very useful book for anyone seeking to learn the fundamentals of major gift fundraising in one sitting!'

C Tom Davis, Former Teaching Fellow, Department of Marketing, Events and Tourism, University of Greenwich

'I really like this book, simple bite size sections that are easy to take in, but comprehensive enough to add real value to a fundraiser. For anybody new to fundraising who is looking to start major gift cultivation, this is definitely a valuable read.' 

Steve Baylis BSc MinstF, Head of Development, Archdiocese of Birmingham

'A very interesting and insightful guidebook.' 

Ceris Gardner, Partner, Maurice Turnor Gardner LLP 

'It’s a great little book.' 

Catherine Clark Demetriadi, MinstF, Principal, PhilanthropyPoint

About the author

Peter Maple

Peter Maple is senior philanthropy academic fellow and researcher at St Mary’s and London South Bank Universities and was previously on the editorial board of the leading journal Voluntary Sector Review. Peter is a fundraising trustee at ATEGhana and formerly the director of fundraising & communications at leading charities, including Leonard Cheshire Disability, Crisis and Arthritis Care.

James K Myers

James Myers is the founder of the European Association for Philanthropy and Giving (EAPG), a not-for-profit membership body that brings charities, legal advisers and financial intermediaries together for more effective and efficient philanthropy (EAPG is now known as Philanthropy Impact). He is also a partner of Social Partnership Marketing LLP. Jim is American by birth but has spent virtually all his adult life in Europe, mainly France and now the UK. Earlier in his career he co-founded the European-American Tax Institute in Paris.

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