Legacy Fundraising from Scratch
Simon George, 2011

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  • Pages: 33

With nearly £2 billion at stake in terms of annual legacy income to charities in the UK, legacies take some beating as a fundraising opportunity.

This practical guide from the Charity First Series will encourage smaller charities that legacy fundraising can be for them, as well as being a refresher for larger organisations who want to review their own legacy programmes. The good news for smaller charities and those on a tight budget is that legacy fundraising does not need to be expensive to be effective, and the guide describes the best way to go about building a successful programme. Amongst other topics, it includes promotion, donor care and recognition, how to broach the subject to potential donors, developing a legacy culture and how to work with the donor's legal advisers. Although some investment in resources will certainly repay itself, as this guide will show, starting legacy fundraising from scratch can begin to make an impact without a large budget.

About the author

Simon George

Simon George is a Fellow of the Institute of Fundraising and Director of Wootton George Consulting. He has been fundraising since 1987 and has achieved the Certificate in Fundraising Management. In 1999 he founded the Institute’s Trusts and Statutory Special Interest Group, where he helped draft the Code of Practice on trust fundraising. He was also the first Chair of the Institute’s West Midlands region.

He has worked as a consultant since 1996, focusing on fundraising strategy, charitable trusts and legacies, with a particular interest in small and medium sized charities. Today, he leads a team of consultants providing a wide range of fundraising advice and interim support to UK charities, schools, hospitals and universities.

Simon has extensive experience of helping small and medium sized organisations to begin legacy fundraising and to review existing campaigns. 

His blog about legacy fundraising can be followed here:

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Tel 01785 663600

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