Effective Media Relations for Charities - What journalists want and how to deliver it
Becky Slack, 2016

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Charities have been having rather a tough time in the media lately, with a whole range of stories receiving coverage which is at best unsympathetic and at worst downright negative. And according to recent research findings from nfpSynergy, a majority of journalists expect this critical trend to continue, with charities becoming subjected to ever closer scrutiny. While some press criticism may be warranted, there are equally many instances of negative stories taking root because charities themselves fail to work proactively with the media to explain their aims and activities. Effective Media Relations for Charities - What journalists want and how to deliver it aims to remedy this situation by showing charities of all sizes the practical steps required to get the media on their side. Author Becky Slack draws on a wealth of personal experience - of both charity and media work - to present a clear and compelling case for all charities becoming much more media savvy.


'Clear and accessible'

'This book could not be more timely. It presents a clear and accessible guide to working with the media and getting positive results. As the many practical case studies in these pages demonstrate, it can be done. We do not report only bad news, we are not deaf to hard facts and reasoned argument and, believe it or not, we are not out to get you.' David Brindle, Public Services Editor, The Guardian 

'Should give every charity a better understanding'

'Public misperceptions of the work of charities very often reflect failures by charities themselves to communicate clearly through the media how they are pursuing their mission and why they use the methods they do. This book should give every charity a better understanding of how to make the case for media work; of what journalists want to know; and of how you can make the most of your resources, however limited, to deliver it.' Vicky Browning, CEO, ACEVO (former Director, CharityComms)

'The perfect primer'

'Insightful and accessible, Becky Slack has written the perfect primer for charities that really want to understand today's media landscape.' Jon Bernstein, Editor, Writer and Digital Media Consultant



About the author

Becky Slack

Becky Slack has worked for almost 20 years within media, including within television and radio production, print and online B2B and B2C journalism, fundraising, communications and events. Just over a decade has been spent in and around the charity sector. She has been deputy editor of Charity Times magazine, editor of Professional Fundraising and publishing editor of Charity Insight, and has been a senior fundraiser for the British Red Cross, where she worked across corporate and major donors. In addition, she is a trustee of the Flying Seagull Project, a charitable arts and theatre company that uses play and laughter to improve the lives of sick and disadvantaged children around the world. Her company, Slack Communications, provides PR and communications advice, support and skills to a range of clients, many of which are charitable organisations. Projects range from writing and implementing on-going national and international PR strategies, to conducting communications audits, to delivering special one-off profile raising activities, such as rebrands, report launches or events. In addition, her team writes and edits reports, special supplements and articles for government ministers, membership groups and national publishers on topics as diverse as poverty, housing, food security, investment strategies, political reform and everything else in between. They also deliver regular training sessions on topics such as marketing and communications, working with the media, enewsletters and content strategy. 

Becky blogs for publications such as Spears Wealth Management, UK Fundraising and the Slack Communication’s own website, and chairs political discussions and debates for the New Statesman. She is also an active member of the Women’s Equality Party. When she’s not running Slack Communications, Becky loves to cook, travel, hang out with friends and family and, if there is any time left over, she’s been known to write the occasional storybook for her friend’s children.

For more information, visit www.slackcommunications.co.uk

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