Beyond the Collection Plate - Developing Church Income from Different Sources
Steve Pierce, 2015

  • PDF ISBN: 9781908595324
  • Pages: 90

In Beyond the Collection Plate, Steve Pierce offers clear accessible advice which will be of value to everybody involved in the leadership and financial management of churches, as well as to community groups engaged in church fundraising activities. Rich in ideas and signposts to useful resources, Beyond the Collection Plate stresses the importance of stewarding existing resources and of cultivating generosity in church congregations, while considering how new income streams can be developed. Topics covered include planned giving, the role of Friends groups, trading, events and appeals, Gift Aid, digital giving and legacies. The book will open up ideas for generating new income streams and help users develop a strategy for funding the fabric, ministry and mission of their church.


'Straight to the point'

Steve has got straight to the point in this book - it's a wonderful resource for any Treasurer, Minister/Pastor or Finance Committee on how to link finance and Christian stewardship within our churches. His advice is often sprinkled with practical ideas and lively illustrations that give meaning and purpose to the reader. This is achievable stewardship that every church (rural or urban, big or small) can do.' Rev Alan Gibson, Head of Stewardship, Church of Scotland


'It may be that there are churches in all denominations who are financially comfortable, with no worries about the next big unknown expenditure, let alone the current day-to-day ones. For all the rest, Beyond the Collection Plate is invaluable reading .. practical, constructive and clearly expressed advice packed into 70-plus pages.' Margaret Daniels, Methodist Recorder

'Accessible and comprehensive' 

'Beyond the Collection Plate is an accessible and comprehensive introduction to Christian giving which wears its deep theological foundations lightly. It is extremely practical and covers the principles as well as the mechanics of giving, with an abundance of pertinent anecdotes and quotations.. As Chairman of the Church of England's National Stewardship Committee I recommend this concise, informative book very warmly indeed, and suggest it would more than repay careful reading and discussion by PCC members in every parish.' Bishop James Newcome, Bishop of Carlisle

'Highly recommended' 

'This book will be of great help to church treasurers and fundraisers, clergy and church leaders and anyone else with an interest in maintaining and preserving our church buildings, and the ministry and mission which take place within them and their wider communities. Highly recommended.' Liz Mullins, Diocese of Canterbury

About the author

Steve Pierce

Steve Pierce is Director of Learning and Stewardship in the Diocese of Liverpool. Ordained in 1985, he has served in parishes and as a Stewardship Officer. He is co-author of the stewardship website and also of Your Money and Your Life (SPCK, 2010). Steve is married to Tracey and has five children. His interests, past and present, include rock climbing, hill walking, vintage British motorbikes and travel.

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