Charity First Publications

Titles currently available in the Charity First Series:

Title   Author

Academy Schools


Stephen Claus, Graeme Hughes, Tracey Johnson and Debra Morris

Beyond the Collection Plate  

Steve Pierce

Effective Media Relations for Charities

  Becky Slack

Fundraising for Small Charities


James K Myers

Legacy Fundraising from Scratch


Simon George

Major Gift Fundraising


James K Myers

Organising and Operating a US Charity


Kristin Konschnik and Jaime McLemore, Withers LLP

Prospect Research  

Robin Jones and Rebecca Funnell

Raising Funds for Your School


Nick Ryan

Raising Funds from Grant Makers


Simon George

Structuring Not-for-Profit Operations in the UK


Julian Smith and Elizabeth Jones, Farrer & Co

The Gift Aid Guide


 Graham Elliott, Withers LLP


Future Titles

To keep up to date on Charity First Series releases, join our mailing list and Follow @Charity_1st.  Books presently in preparation, or discussion, include titles on:


  • Fundraising for Museums and Galleries
  • Fundraising Strategy


Your Views

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